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Said by the founder of RapidWebDev - Eunge:

RapidWebDev is named Application Framework and FastWeb.NET before. It comes from outsourcing project development since 2005. Before 2008, I owned a small software company engaged on outsourcing project development from other local companies. From 2005 to 2008, it have successfully delivered at least 10 projects in areas cover e-Business, Government, Logistics, Product Management and CTI (Computer Telecom Integration). In 4 years’ development on more than 10 projects, everybody thinks it’s really a revolution to web application development even technical person from my customers. The productivity had been significantly improved as well as quality and performance.

But with business significantly down in global economy crisis of 2008, the company has to be closed. “No Business Driven” brings an opportunity for me to re-think about the future business and career. I decide to make the framework opened internationally and wish it can be a window for international potential customers and investors to know us. Then I redesign and refactor the framework in past a year, 2008 - 2009.


Name Introduction
Eunge is the founder of RapidWebDev has engaged in .NET development since 2002 and has rich experience on all SOA, enterprise solution and web/windows application development. RapidWebDev comes from his rich experiece on more than 10 outsourcing projects since 2005. It's started from 2007 and become more and more mature and stable with more projects done. Besides RapidWebDev, he has already contributed a lot of open source projects to community before, like ExcelQuicker and DataQuicker. And own a vertical search engine framework but sold in 2007. Chinese, currently live in Shanghai, legal name is Jian Liu. MSN Messenger:
Tim is a senior engineer has over 10 years experience on development and quality assurance. He joins RapidWebDev development in October, 2009. He is skilled in .NET development and experienced on PHP and JAVA in Linux and Unix before. He also worked as a QA Lead on developing automatic testing framework before so he has SDLC knowledge as well. Chinese, currently live in Shanghai, legal name is Long Yi. MSN Messenger:


Our dream is to found a software company to provide free and respectful environment for engineers to deliver software to customers in innovation and quality.

Looking for

The sales channel is most important to us than any others. We’re looking for investment and oversea business cooperation generally.
  • The investment could be someone invests money for us to found a development center in China for their business with lower cost than US and Europe. It also can be that the money is used to hire more people to add more features into RapidWebDev faster and the investor has channels to push commercial licenses to markets.
  • The business cooperation could be outsourcing and commercial license agency. We’re looking forward to getting outsourcing projects oversea. The payment could be either person-per-month or project based. We also welcome to commercial license agency that they can help us to sell more commercial licenses and get more RapidWebDev customization orders.
After all, we’re the one of best .NET technical team over the world which has already owned a mature framework RapidWebDev to develop projects in high velocity, quality and performance. As you may see our innovation, productivity and quality sense in RapidWebDev. And the people and facility cost in China is much lower than US and Europe there.

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