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Upgrade Tool -- Upgrade RapidWebDev easy


Because user who develop upon RapidWebDev will modify the files in RapidWebDev.Test and RapidWebDev.Web projects, when new release coming, user need to merge the old version and the new version, in order to provide an easy approach to solve this issue, now provide a tool names Upgrader.


After download the zip file and unzip it, you can run the RapidWebDev.UpgradeTool.exe directly.
Then You can see the form like the picture below:
  • Click the Open Button on the left top panel to select the path which save your RapidWebDev solution file
  • Click the Open Button on the right top panel to select the path which contains RapidWebDev solution file in the latest release
  • In the Web Project textbox which on the left panel, you can modify the path of RapidWebDev.Web.csproj file, default is "RapidWebDev.Web\RapidWebDev.Web.csproj"
  • In the Tests project textbox, you can do the same with the above
  • Right now, you can click Upgrade button on the bottom if you don't have any file to un-upgrade. You can get the message in the result.
  • If you have some files you don't want to upgrade, you can click the "Add files" button to set, one is for files which in Test Project, the other is for the files in Web Project
  • After choose the files, you can click the "Save Excluded Files" button to save your configuration into xml file, when you upgrade in next time, you can click the "Load Excluded Files" firstly


So far, the tool only support the upgrade from release1.5X

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