Issue with Deploying RapidWebDev

Topics: Common Library
Aug 31, 2012 at 9:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

     I have downloaded the latest version for evaluation and i am trying to run that version on following envoirnment

  1) Windows XP

  2) Visual Studio 2010

  3) SQL Server 2008 R2

  4) ASP.NET Framework 3.5

but i am not able to build the solution it gives me following error

"Error 3 The command "PATH "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin";"%windir%\System32"
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.Common.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.ExtensionModel.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.ExtensionModel.Web.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.UI.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.Platform.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.FileManagement.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.Mocks.dll
SN -Vr RapidWebDev.Web.dll
SN -Vr zh-CN\RapidWebDev.Common.resources.dll
SN -Vr zh-CN\RapidWebDev.ExtensionModel.resources.dll
SN -Vr zh-CN\RapidWebDev.ExtensionModel.Web.resources.dll
SN -Vr zh-CN\RapidWebDev.UI.resources.dll
SN -Vr zh-CN\RapidWebDev.Platform.resources.dll
SN -Vr zh-CN\RapidWebDev.FileManagement.resources.dll" exited with code 9009. RapidWebDev.Web"

I have checked all the solution which is given on the google but its not working

For your information i am runnning this with the Administrator Right.

Kindly help me resolve this issue.





Sep 6, 2012 at 6:19 AM

Hi Gurus.

 Has any one faced this issue. I am still getting this issue.

Please help me.