Few Queries please

Topics: Common Library, Extension Model, Platform, UI Framework
Jul 21, 2010 at 6:07 PM

It is nice to see a good framework. We are using this framework for an Enterprise product:Can any senior developer can answer following queries please:-


Query 1: I have one page created for Companies/Accounts. I have created another page for their Contacts/persons. Now the requireemtn is when I list down companies records, then I need a functionality such that I need a button in Grid Panel that when clicked, it should store company name in session/memory and when I go to Contacts Page, It will automatically load those contacts. I believe that you got what I want to say, It is one – many relationship but both pages are different. So I would like the select functionality and redirection from Grid list. Please advise me how can I do that.


Query 2:  My sub menu Items are more so I cannot see all items.  Where I can find the menu item and enable/disable scroll bar?


Query 3: Can I get a sample form which uses extensisn “Relationship”,  I want to see how I can utilize one-many  and many-to-many relationship in my CRM application where an Organisation can have multiple contacts and a contact can have multiple organizations.


Query 4: When the project runs, it shows the default page “FramePage.svc”.. with left side menu items.  As you know I am developing an Enterprise Application with different modules, so I would like to have multiple pages for different modules. So I want to give an Icon for each module on top of the Header saying CRM    Payroll   Distribution   Financiall......   and on click of that I want to display different page with different sitemap. How can I do that?


Query 5: If I create my own page, then how can I open the next page in the same framework (tab based)?

Jul 22, 2010 at 4:45 AM

#1 it's supported. When you configure a field for a GridPanel, you can configure a JavaScript method invoker through inner element "ExtJs-Renderer" or "Transform-VariableString". And use the JavaScript method to anything you want. E.G. render a button and when the button/link is clicked, call a web service asynchronously to register the session...


#2 You may take a look at \\RapidWebDev.Web\Resources\Javascript\FramePage.js. The JS is used to render FramePage.svc including navigation menu.


#3 I don't suggest you to manage master data through relationship model. It's often used for dynamic and small data. You can get the sample code at \\RapidWebDev.Tests\Platform\RelationshipApiTests.cs


#4 You mean that you don't want to put all module links into the navigation menu of frame page? When I'm developing enterprise system, I often group modules by first level navigation menu items. When the user clicks on the top menu item, the sub menu items are expanded.


#5 I don't understand you're saying.

Jul 29, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Dear Eungeliu,

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Regarding #5, I was asking following statement which I have found.



Regarding #1 , Is there any example or reference you can send which may help me how to do that?



Another Query:   Is there any way I can disable few left links and on certain condition I make them enable?


Many Thanks and Regards